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Welcome to Active Shooter, a podcast that covers the why’s, the how’s and the aftermath of active shooter events. We delve into the lives interrupted by domestic terrorists. We investigate the background of the shooter and together discuss the way in which they can be stopped or even prevented in the future. We also discuss the failures of our mental health system.  

We look at media responses and discover together how they may have inadvertently inspired and contributed to the rise of mass shootings. This is not a political podcast nor a podcast about gun control. This is a podcast that studies the psychology behind active shooters and how and why they make the decisions they have made to take the lives of innocent people.  

Here at Active Shooter, we are participating in the “Don’t Name Them” campaign. You will not hear the names of the shooters in our episodes. We discuss their backgrounds and circumstances but not their names. The only names you will hear will belong to the innocent lives that have been interrupted by these tragic events. You will know the locations of the shootings as well as the names of the victims. We will not give the shooters any notoriety. We will deny them the fame they repeatedly seek with their despicable actions. They will simply be referred to as “the shooter” in all of our episodes. 

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